Common violations of gas tanks must be noted!

When the gas storage tank is in operation, collision and knocking are strictly prohibited;
Check the valve or other places for leaks at any time, and take timely measures if there are any of the following;
The function of the gas storage tank is also to remove water and oil, and the gas storage tank must be regularly drained in use and maintenance;
The technical person in charge of the gas storage tank use unit shall be responsible for the safety management of the pressure vessel.
Asme standard liquid gas storage tank
Units using high-pressure gas storage tanks must establish sound pressure vessel safety management rules and regulations, including the implementation of the “Fixed Capacity Regulations” and related pressure vessel safety technical specifications, the use of gas storage tank registration and management of technical data, and the formulation of sound processes and post operation regulations.
There should be no flammable and explosive materials near the gas storage tank. The fuselage should be kept clean and tidy, and it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.
The rated pressure of the gas in the gas storage tank is determined by the pressure regulator and the safety valve. In the event of a fault between the two, such as an error in the operation of the pressure regulator or failure of parts such as the unloading valve pipes, the gas pressure in the storage tank rises sharply, and the container is heated (such as sun exposure, fire, etc.). The pressure rises.

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