Common violations of gas tanks must be noted!

When the gas storage tank is in operation, collision and knocking are strictly prohibited; Check the valve or other places for leaks at any time, and take timely measures if there are any of the following; The function of the gas storage tank is also to remove water and oil, and the gas storage tank […]

SinoCleansky FAQ for High Pressure Steel Gas Cylinder

1. Q:How many cylinders can be loaded in 20ft container for the high pressure steel gas cylinder? A: ISO9809 standard OD140-10L-150bar, one 20ft can load 1400pcs. ISO9809 standard OD219-40L-150bar, one 20ft can load 480pcs. ISO9809 standard OD232-47L-150bar, one 20ft can load 410pcs. ISO9809 standard OD232-50L-200bar, one 20ft can load 350pcs. 2. Q: How about the standard for high pressure steel gas cylinder? A: […]